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My name is Eric Benaim and I am an award-winning composer born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition from Florida International University and have been working locally and remotely as a freelance composer and sound designer for video game studios and film makers all across the world!

I am very passionate about collaborating with artists, film directors, developers and talented people looking to create great experiences. Please take a look at some of my available audio services:

  • Music Composition

    Custom music creation designed to add emotion, rhythm and world information specifically created for each unique project.

  • Sound Design

    Sound effects constructed and modified to fit any scene, logo, animation or game event.

  • Adaptive Audio

    Planning, discussion and creation of audio assets and systems that adapt and respond to the player’s actions inside any video game.

  • Mixing & Mastering

    Careful processing and balancing of all audio elements present in order to polish the overall sound experience.

  • Voice Acting Services

    Handling the process of hiring, contracting, directing, recording and editing all voice over talent before delivery.

  • Audio Implementation

    Modification and implementation of existing sound assets into game engines such as UE4, Unity3D with or without the aid of audio middleware.

Get in touch!

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding any of the provided audio services or would simply like to connect. I am happy to talk about your project and give you a free quote or estimate on any of my provided services!

To facilitate a response regarding business or other inquiries such as availability, licensing fees, custom music, sound design or Foley rates, please share the following information when contacting:

1.- Estimated deadline.

2.- Services needed (music, sound design, Foley, voice acting contracting & editing, ADR, mixing & mastering, etc).

3.- Project specifications (length of the film, minutes of music needed, amount of sound effects, style, etc).

4.- Audio budget or proposed payment.

The information requested above can help me provide you a more accurate set of answers. Thank you!